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Remote Assistance Service

When speaking about competitiveness, one of the fundamental parameters used to measure it is production efficiency, but often malfunctions and plant breakdowns cause unplanned downtime. These are very delicate moments for an organisation.
Unplanned downtime, generally due to sudden breakdowns or malfunctions, software or hardware errors or unsatisfactory performance, leads to incurring in unforeseen costs, sometimes quite significant ones.
It is therefore of the utmost importance for all companies to limit these events as far as possible. In these cases, the intervention of a technician must take place as quickly as possible to limit the consequences.

Production downtime is not an option – The assistance you need, when you need it

The remote assistance allows to drastically cut down the intervention time, because it considerably shortens the time that passes from the customer’s report to the actual resolution of the problem. As a result, the downtime is considerably shorter than it would be with the “physical” intervention of the operator and brings with it considerable savings in intervention and maintenance costs.


Direct phone contact with our Service

Prompt identification of the malfunction with the use of Smart Glasses

Fast problem resolution, without the need for a transfer
Far away and yet united – Physical distances are no longer a constraint

Through the remote assistance service it is possible to provide support to customers in real time and in maximum security,  wherever they are.
Our technicians are able to provide specialised remote assistance, guiding the customer through the process of identifying the cause of the problem, finding the solution and restoring the operation of the system.

• Quick problem identification
• Secure recognition of the components to be replaced
• Chat (with simultaneous translation) during the troubleshooting activity, for more immediate understanding
• Possibility to record video/photos of activities/controls performed, for future needs

Remote assistance allows the customer to avoid downtime and travel costs for technical staff.

Our remote Assistance Offers

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