The new App that keeps track of your units produced by STULZ S.p.A. and imports them on your mobile: technical documentation, monitoring and technical assistance always at hand! 


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Why using Adam?

• To have the whole information of your units close at hand, reducing commissioning, maintenance, analysis and troubleshooting times.
• Because is GREEN: just safety instructions and CE declaration are printed on paper. The rest is on Adam.

What does Adam do?

Thanks to Adam you will have access to every sales and technical document and you will be able to organize, monitor and report unit states directly from the App, for each of your STULZ S.p.A. products


General information helps you to select and propose the unit:
• Overview of available products
• All details of products after selection
• Brochures
• Catalogues with technical data and product features
• Drawings (layout – cutout)
• Manuals of standard products, accessories and controllers
Available to all users, documents are in multilanguage version or in all the specific languages.

Installation and Start Up

Register the unit to access every detail about the serial number you are going to install.
Documents are in the valid version when the unit was manufactured
• Installation, use and maintenance manuals of unit, controller and accessories
• Wiring diagrams
• Hydraulic and refrigerant circuit diagrams
• Special data, drawings, instructions
• Test report
• CE declaration

Aftersales & Service

• If the unit was manufactured since 2016 it’s in Adam’s database.
Register it and you will get a digital copy of its original documents.  Whenever and wherever you like.
• For all units from 2021 onwards a specific spare part list is provided
• You can send service requests for each serial number

How to Register a Unit

Do it easily with Adam app:
• Scan the QR code next to its name plate with your mobile (QR available on units manufactured from 2021)
• Use the OCR of your mobile on the top part of the name plate
• With the PC version or whenever the QR scan / OCR are not possible, manual registration is the solution by entering info on the name plate:

– serial no. and production order no.
– serial no. and unit model code

Designed to have everything under control
Adam is for everyone … and FREE

For your mobile device with iOS and Android (Google Play Services required for geolocation & OCR) you can:
• Download it at, or
• Search for «Adam by STULZ» on Google Play and App Store, or
• Scan QR code on every unit and you will be redirected to the download page if the app is not on your mobile device already.
For PC desktop with Windows (in the versions currently supported by Microsoft on x86-64 architecture)
Download it at our website
Six available languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian